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Energy Development

man fishingAmerica’s anglers always have been mindful of the need to extract and harvest resources from our lands and waters. At the same time, was also demand that these activities be carried out in a manner defined by sound science and that sustains fish and wildlife and ensures outdoor opportunities for generations to come.

The Angling 4 Oceans coalition recognizes the need for both renewable and nonrenewable domestic energy production. Yet we believe strongly that energy development and transmission can and must be conducted responsibly to conserve the nation’s fish and wildlife legacy for the benefit of all Americans.

Specific measures must be adopted to ensure that a stronger, more consistent approach is taken to federal management of energy development and transmission, whether it is renewable or nonrenewable, offshore or onshore. This approach must be built on upfront planning to ensure balanced, multiple-use management that sustains fish and wildlife populations throughout development. Whether it is wind, oil and gas, geothermal or any other energy-related activity (including transmission across new grids), scientific data regarding fish, wildlife and their habitats must be carefully considered prior to leasing these lands to industry for the purposes of development. Science-driven planning must impel leasing decisions, and, once leases are issued and development begins, it must be followed by active conservation, monitoring, mitigation and enforcement.

The latest energy development boom in the Rocky Mountain West was managed inconsistently by the federal government. Neither current science nor the multiple-use mandate was adhered to uniformly. We must learn from these mistakes and act to avoid repeating them as we proceed with developing our nation’s energy resources. A consistent and balanced approach will enable smooth and expeditious development of our valuable domestic energy resources without unnecessary sacrifice of our valuable fish and wildlife resources. The Angling 4 Oceans coalition has developed its CAST Principles as a means to manage offshore energy development.


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