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Adding a Dash of SALT

The members of Congress who led the charge to reauthorize the Magnuson-Stevens Act in 2006 included key policies that will make a difference for recreational saltwater anglers. These policies, recommended by the Angling 4 Oceans campaign's SALT Principles, will ensure that Science is used for fisheries decisions, Allocation for recreational fishing is equitable, Licensed anglers will improve data and funding, and Tackle is less destructive.

Click here to see how the final bill incorporated the SALT Principles, the four principles are:

Science must be used in marine fisheries management decisions in order to effectively restore degraded marine ecosystems and depleted fish stocks, including fishing quotas, gear restrictions, trip and creel limits, size limitations and seasonal or temporary closures of fishing areas. Marine policy should also establish appropriate guidelines for marine protected areas and require a scientific basis for designation, a transparent process and periodic review;

Allocate fisheries resources so that the economic impact of all sectors, including the recreational angling sector, as well as catch records and other  factors are considered;

License saltwater anglers to improve data collection and increase funding for marine conservation. New marine policy should encourage the creation of uniform, state-based saltwater fishing licenses, using the income from increased licensing to fund improved coastal fisheries management, and establish a national registry of recreational anglers to serve in the interim; and

Tackle used by anglers should reduce bycatch and not damage habitat. Marine policy should require gear to be evaluated and certified as appropriate in each fishery and encourage the research and use of new, safer technologies. 

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